GoStint is a RESTful API to container based automation jobs - like Ansible, Terraform, Powershell, Kubectl/Helm, etc (basically anything that can be run in a container). Integrating with Hashicorp Vault for AppRole Authentication, Response Wrapping / Cubbyhole, Transit end-to-end encryption and Secret Injection.

Goal is to be a Highly Available and Scaleable API for automation, allowing requests to be routed securely via potentially untrusted intermediaries with the ability to detect any interception through the use of one-time wrapping tokens, whilst still preventing access to the request using end-2-end encryption.

At this stage this project is a MVP and under development / review...

Docker images for this project are available here.

A gostint-client SDK API / CLI is available to simplify consumption of the API. There is also a self-contained demonstrator gostint-helm Chart for deploying gostint with Vault, Consul and MongoDB.

GoStint is Open Source and licensed under the GPLv3.

GoStint-client cli/api is available under the MIT license.

GoStint related projects are grouped under the goethite organisation in GitHub.